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The Compagny

Présentation de la société

Established in 1906, Pinçon SA is a reference for the picture framing industry.
Major partner of industrial groups and hotel and hospitality procurement corporation, our know how is unanimously acknowledged. This notoriety was established with our customers fidelity as well as with our team rapid and efficient reactivity to various requests. 

Interior Designers Art framing Retirement Homes, Clinics and Hospitals
Hotels and Hospitality Theatres Cruise Boats
Restaurants Movie and Television Yachts
Institutionals La télévision Wholesale
Ministères Advertising agency Industrial Production
Ambassades Fashion store Cards Stores
Paint artists POS and showroom  

We created hand made, high quality products for the design and décor professionals worldwide. (Last Excellency Show in Moscow) Know in France as well as worldwide, we service many domains : 

Chaque client est unique

Our high reactivity allows us to respond in a timely manner and with competitive prices, to any request for moulding and frames,  be it in small, mid or high capacities. 
We also provide personalized advice.